Ye Poor & Maimed

by The Diamond Family Archive

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Map Recordings are proud to announce the forthcoming release of 'Ye Poor & Maimed' a new album by UK psych-folk/post-rock duo The Diamond Family Archive. A first run limited edition of 250, on vinyl only, 'Ye Poor & Maimed' draws influence from a diverse range of musical history (Spiritualized, Cyril Tawney and John Mayall to name but a few) and explores aspects of post-rock, folk, spiritual soul music and experimental electronics. The recordings are enriched with tape delays, valves, analogue keyboards and the natural acoustics of old and loved instruments. Written, recorded and produced by the band in their shed studio, the tracks have lives of their own; shifting time signature, mood and dynamic like the seasons.

Each sleeve is hand-made and features a debossed catalogue number, booklet, ephemera and a download code granting the full digital album and also an exclusive live session.


released August 15, 2016



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Ye Poor & Maimed
Ye Poor & Maimed

Hey little one
one day you will be old & I will be gone gone gone
With death all around
All my autumn branches, they are dragging on the ground
So come consider your tongue
Laying loose in your mouth, oh & cursing all the young

Ye poor & maimed
Halt & blind, if you thirst & happy you would be
Say these eyes are blind
You can drink your water & true valiance you'll find
Then just like the birds
All flown from their branches oh & skyward I am bund

Then come & steady your nerves
On this cask of opiated wine wine wine
And hey little one
soon this life is over & another one begun

Hey little one
one day you will be old & I will be gone gone gone
Track Name: Tabbithun
Mishearing the name of a neighbours cat.
Track Name: Sound Of The Sea
Sound of the Sea

Come make the sound of the sea
With your breathing next to me
There's house martins under the eves
You can have your own key
To the door if you please
& All that that means

She said you better come unto me
For I am a shepherdess
And you are a wolf
With barbarous needs

Sometimes I'm just like a robin
In the northerly winds
Poor thing
Hiding with my head under my arms
Like it were a wing
Broken in two pieces
All broken in to pieces
Poor thing
Track Name: The Hawthorn & The Blackthorn
The Hawthorn & Blackthorn

The Hawthorn has pricked me
To my bare Baines
Oh-o weep for me
Oh-o weep for the Hawthorn tree

& the Blackthorn too
It cuts at me
'Til my blood shows through
Oh-o weep for me
Oh-o weep for the Blackthorn tree
Track Name: Blackbird

I tried to measure
A Blackbird's intentions
With thoughts & inventions
Heartfelt intuitions
But that was no way
To make observations
Which leaves incomplete
And just speculation

So I viewed it's agency
& it saw me looking
At it on its own branch
With all its divergences
It knows no glory
Nor I only stories
So the Blackbird leaves me
Alone with my singing o

Where do I end
& the Blackbird begin
& the tree where she sits
& the notes that she sings
They fall on my ears
& in the air I breathe them in
'Til our atoms exchange
& Together we will be